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Jersey’s up-and-comer, Sulé is Posting With a Purpose

Jersey’s up-and-comer, Sulé is Posting With a Purpose

written by Jennifer Alfaro February 1, 2018

My unpredictable Twitter Timeline can either have me looping a video for the laughs, reading fake woke outbursts, feeling Blue Ivy memes in my soul and rarely, being captivated and hypnotized by talent. Twitter was dry before 2010, as users’ ability to see pictures and videos was nonexistent. In 2018, people use and abuse posting videos on social media. Viral sensations are born overnight doing nonsensical things such as dancing on top of a Wendy’s counter, which by the way is so played out. Nevertheless, we should start giving credit to those who post with more of a purpose, like Sulé.

I came across Sulé’s freestyle last week and I couldn’t stop playing it back. Being from Jersey, I know its hard to separate oneself from that constant New York reference. We’re Jersey, we have our own shit, ai? The 60-second video led me to his Soundcloud where his lyricism and narratives of his struggle set him aside from the contemporary “Soundcloud” artist. “I couldn’t mumble rap if I tried to” That’s facts.

Tell me about yourself and where you come from.

I’m from Englewood New Jersey, raised in Englewood New Jersey all my life. I started doing music — Well, I started writing music at about like 8 years old, I started recording myself by the time I was 11. My mother had actually bought me like a little wireless microphone and a little computer, we ain’t have the MacBook yet so we just had the big like the brolic laptop, so that’s when I started recording my own stuff like around like 10 years old.

Tell me what Englewood means to you like do you think your path or your mission would’ve been different if you grew up somewhere else?

Slightly, it would’ve been different but like me growing up where I was at, it made me the person I am. I’ve seen a lot of stuff, I went through a lot of stuff so I feel like if I was elsewhere, it wouldn’t have went through certain situations that made me the person that I am today so I think Englewood definitely made me the person I am today.

I saw your video on twitter and I was like “Oh shit, you really did that!” Obviously, you couldn’t mention every single artist from Jersey, but who do you identify with more? I know you said Lauren Hill, Fetty Wap —

I actually missed on a lot of artists from Jersey. I missed out on Redman, Naughty by Nature, SZA, it’s a lot of people I missed out on. Usually, the freestyles that I post are on Instagram, you know. Instagram videos only 60 seconds but I could’ve been going on for hours and hours but being that I had a 60 second time frame, I just had to kind of just mention the first people that came to mind and no discredit to any of them cause I did the freestyle just to recognize Jersey talents and I did it just as a unity thing cause I feel like New Jersey, we’re such a small state, we’re so close to New York City. I feel like we’re counted out a lot so I did it really to recognize the fact that Jersey is its own place. We got our own style, we got our own artists, So shoutout toe Redman, Naughty by Nature, its a whole bunch of artists from Jersey that I wish I could have mentioned if I had enough time. I feel like I should just — so I can mention more people

There’s never gonna be enough time to mention every single person, you’re always gonna miss somebody by accident. So, I was listening to your EP and I peeped that you started dropping music like 3 years ago on Soundcloud. On your recent project, Park Avenue, which is your favorite track?

My favorite song off of Park Ave… that’s a hard one. I think it would definitely be “Park Ave” cause I’m breaking down my living situation. At some point in time, between the ages of 26-20 years old, I was homeless so I was like explaining everything I went through. Like me going to school, and my mother having to hustle to put food on the table. Me, I’m a real laid back person or whatever but I feel like “Park Ave” grasps that gritty side of me everybody kind of like — it put me in rare form to where its like I’m painting a picture of where I came from so I feel like “Park Avenue” is the song that you can listen to and you can get that Jersey, authentic feel from it.

On “Jealousy”, you sampled C.R.E.A.M. by Wu-Tang—

Yeah, that was like one of my favorite beats ever like ever since I was young, I used walking around the house singing “C.R.E.A.M” so I told one of my producers, my boy SSK, to see if he could flip the C.R.E.A.M sample. He sampled it, sent it back to me, I jumped on it immediately.

Yeah, that was tough! So, who do you think influenced you the most when you were younger, other than Jersey?

I would definitely say, my mom. When we were growing up, we didn’t have it all. My mom was a single parent, so I sat and I watched the struggle and I watched her go through these things in order to take care of me so I feel like I’m looking outside of rooms from her frame. Being around her, she taught me a lot, she didn’t sugar coat anything. She told me how to maneuver when I went outside. She didn’t sugar coat anything as I was growing up, she was like “This is how it is” and “This is what you got going on” so I feel like she made me the man that I’m supposed to be. My mom is one of my biggest inspirations.

So what are your plans for this year? Are you planning on dropping any visuals for the EP?
Yeah, this week I’m actually dropping a video for “Fiji Water” this week. I definitely got to hit up that “Jealousy” video cause mad people asked me about it. I’m actually working on another project, aiming to release it in the summertime. No designated date but the summertime is definitely when I want to drop my next project and until then, I’m just creating. Putting out videos from the EP, making new music, and just working as I go along.

Instagram: @sulesmusic
Twitter: @sulesmusic

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