Home Music Houston’s Francis Thomas releases “Kid Leather Face”
Houston’s Francis Thomas releases “Kid Leather Face”

Houston’s Francis Thomas releases “Kid Leather Face”

written by Jané Greer January 30, 2018

There are no gimmicks with Houston’s Francis Thomas but rather a raw edge that makes his sound more appealing as you scroll through his SoundCloud. You’ll get more than rap from him and it’s beautiful to witness in an age periodically lacking substance. Influences are drawn from Kanye, Cudi and Lil Wayne mixed with Slipknot, Nirvana, and Frank Ocean.  Today marks the premiere of his first music video for “Kid Leather Face”featuring Malik Akaka and shot by Half Past and Rob (@RobuNappy) .  In our interview, the up-and-comer described his sound as both “euphoria with substance and ignorance all at once”.

You can read our full interview with the Houston native below.

First off, where are you from and has your city influenced your sound?

I’m from Houston, Texas. My city’s sound influenced my metaphors in my lyrics and the way I dress today. Houston is apart of the culture but it isn’t recognized like how it’s supposed to be.

We took a look at your SoundCloud and noticed you’ve been steadily releasing music for years. Why “Kid Leather Face” as your debut music video?

I chose Kid Leatherface because it’s a raw, real track about recent past relationships with friends that turned their back on me but I’m coming harder. It’s also titled by one of my top 5 favorite horror films; Texas Chainsaw Massacre and I’m from Texas so you know I have to hold it down.

I think it’s dope that as I’m listening to your music, your choice of production brings out more than just rap in you. How would you describe your sound?

I describe my sound as a euphoria with substance and ignorance all at once; I can one day rap about the clothes I wear, to where I originally grew up and so on and another day I can end up singing on a RnB track or wanting to expand to other genres. I grew up listening to less hip-hop than what I do now, now all I listen to is predominately hip-hop but I’m still on my original wave of genre; alternative.

Tell us a little bit about the track itself.

The track was made when I went through somewhat of a breakup last year. I was going through a lot from my friend dying a year before to personal stuff at home to being depressed, and I listed things what I can be accomplished, but I couldn’t do everything I wanted to due to the fact of me being in college and it was stopping me. All I really saw from afar was everyone doing the same thing: riding a wave, never pave their own, and that’s what I’m trying to prove on this track and I’m still making my way. I was also smoking cigs at the time, no one knew, not even my parents; that’s how stressed out I was. It was to a point where I nearly felt insane. I still do, but it’s on highly rare occasions because it’s not healthy.

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