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Philly’s Miles Chancellor Releases “Time + Place” EP

Philly’s Miles Chancellor Releases “Time + Place” EP

written by Jané Greer January 8, 2018

We’ve been following the steady growth and artistic process of Philly’s Miles Chancellor since the release of “09s” back in August 2017. From that moment on, it was clear to me that his melodic patterns and uncanny flow off productions would steer this artist separate from the rest.

Chancellor’s most recent EP, Time + Place, is now available on all platforms.  He remains committed to his signature sound that we’ve seen in his more lengthened full projects yet, Time + Place takes on a role that his past work hasn’t owned. The title is indeed fitting. As you’ll read in our interview with Miles below, this EP is a testament to the “time” and “place” Chancellor was in during its creation down to the literal span of time it took to produce and restraints due to location. Nonetheless, the word “intergalactic” comes to mind as his use of synthetic sounds make for an unearthly technical and futuristic dream. Each production across all six tracks compliments his developing aesthetic in such a way that the songs aren’t boring even though Miles’ sound is so distinct that he could easily fall into a repetitive pattern if not aware. We hope that as he releases more music, he never succumbs to that.

Overall, this Time + Place EP is an extension of an artist’s constructive imagination and an actual story that up and coming artists sometimes miss the mark on. Miles Chancellor has always been a mood-setter. Each track is something you bump to, But no matter how deep he can pull listeners into his emotion, you can take as much or as little from his message as you wish. Listen to Time + Place and read our in-depth interview with Miles below.

TIME+PLACE has released to the public! How does it feel?

It’s a relief. I’m excited about this setting it all off again. I haven’t released as much music this year as I usually do, so it always feels good to share with people

How long have you been working on this one? Any highlights during the production of it all? 

I did it in like a week & a half, a few weeks ago. I was actually going through some things during the time & I didn’t have a ton of time to actually be able to work on it, so the time we did have we made it count. Most of the production was done during FaceTime sessions with Vizions & we added some other things in person to round it all up.

What’s the storyline behind this EP?

So, this is a shorter project than I usually deliver. I don’t want to call it an EP, but it’s in that realm of shit. My first two full-length projects kind of began this thread that first introduced you to my perspective of my time in the city I come from (Philly), the 2nd is more so zeroing in on the section of that city I’m from. This project introduces the process of re-evaluation of your life, the people in it, your direction, how you’ve spent your time & energy thus far, versus how you’ll need to, how much you’ve accomplished versus what you want to, & coming to that point where you gotta be at least the beginnings of who you’re going to be.

Out of all the tracks on the album which song was the most fun to make for you?

I’d say Distracted. It was just a lot of fun to record & work on after we had the vocals. & maybe Force of Habit bc I really love to rap, & I put three verses on there, which I don’t do often, so I got to just let it out haha

What’s next for Miles Chancellor?

Claiming everything that’s meant for me. I have a lot of music coming out. “TIME+PLACE” is literally just the beginning. We got a lot of content coming. I’m doing a lot more collaborations. I got some special things coming.

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