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written by CULTUREDUP January 5, 2018

CULTUREDUP Media is in its startup stages looking for a talented graphic designer to join our team for freelance work.

To be completely candid, we know nothing about graphics and can’t list all that technical stuff we need you to have but we can tell you what we’re about and what the job is about.

CULTUREDUP is music discovery platform and online community that publishes content highlighting new artists in hip-hop and the culture that surrounds them. Our goal is to keep our young readers up to date on whats happening within the mainstream music realm while also putting on for undiscovered talent that’s next up.

We have a few featured stories coming up in need of designs for the featured image. For example, if we decided we want to do a “Best New Artists Of The Month” list, we would need the candidate to create designs to accommodate that. Sometimes the designer will have artistic control over the full design and other times we may have notes or images that need to be included in the design.

Our graphic designer will work closely with CULTUREDUP’s founder to draft and release paid per project designs.

Knowing how to create motion gifs for Twitter would be cool.

Please e-mail work@culturedup.com with your resume and cover letter including why you feel like this position is right for you. Please also include attachments or website so we can see your work. In the e-mail, we also need your Instagram/Twitter @ name because we may hit you up from there to talk more!

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