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BBKnight is One Reason Why We Can’t Wait for 2018

BBKnight is One Reason Why We Can’t Wait for 2018

written by Jané Greer December 21, 2017

It’s an exciting time to be a new artist, and there’s no right or wrong way to launch your career. We’ve seen countless new faces burst through the seams this year and a revolutionary amount of rap styles than ever before. BBknight first jumped on our radar with the release of “Zines” directed by a videographer that we believe you will see non-stop in 2018, Lonewolf. Prior to that, BBknight was already dropping captivating projects. It’s like he’s always had this in him; his style in the hip-hop game is just getting better through time. There’s an effortless charisma and magnetic confidence you’ll notice when watching a BBknight music video. Sonically, he takes on a song structure with addicting ad-libs and selective beats you can’t help but bump your head to these days.

I hate to limit or compare new artists to the ones we already know, but I wouldn’t be surprised if BBKnight and PlayboiCarti ended up in the same room. The reason I match the two is because Knight has the potential to bring us a natural ‘banger after banger’ in a way we saw Carti do throughout his self-titled debut album. The wait continues for a full-length project, but the process is something we never want to see an artist rush. Until then, just explore. Look for that captivating personality I speak of in one of his videos via YouTube or scroll through his Soundcloud page. There may be things you like or dislike, but we’re all about the discovery here.

Again I must say, through this overcrowded landscape, it’s still an exciting time to be a new artist. There’s a huge anticipation to see where rap takes us next in 2018 and BBKnight’s journey is promising. Watch his music video for “Zines” if you haven’t already. Stay tuned for more on the Las Vegas native.

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