Missouri City, Texas is the small town ten minutes outside of Houston and the life’s starting point for artist, VICEVÉRSA. Back in 2014, the rapper came to New York and had more “home to home” moves than the average 14-year-old before settling close to the city. His track “Who Dat? ” released two years later (Dec. 2016) on SoundCloud but just recently started gaining traction and proving that an artist’s music can pop off at any given moment no matter how long it’s been public.

Versa’s latest project premiering today on CULTUREDUP holds a gritty edge throughout the energetic new music video directed by Elixr Exports.

“My music is an expression of everything I went through or currently going through. I write how I feel at that moment in time. Sometimes I don’t even talk about an experienced that I  been through but what one of my bros went through. I cant categorize my music.  I feel that isn’t my job as an artist. I JUST CREATE. I don’t care much for opinions or labels, and when I’m in the studio I don’t limit myself to just writing raps.”

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