Back in October, rapper Tim Apexx dropped a compilation of three tracks titled 3 Bullets Before. The project acts as the Tampa residents’ prequel to the project soon to be released, don’t come down interstate 275. We got a chance to speak to Apexx briefly as he interpreted his work for the listeners tuning in.

“For now, these 3 songs are just ringing out shots to reopen everyone in my city’s eye to some raw and uncensored vibes and the madman behind them..myself. ‘Don’t come down interstate 275’ is a project about transcendence and the simplicity of the rules to the survival of the fittest in Tampa, FL depicted in my own eyes and how I deal with it. And in some cases how the city itself does as well. I have a lot in store.”

Watch the music video to ***800 Degreez (Directed by Moji Wilson) below and stream 3 Bullets Before now via Soundcloud.