It has been a tremendously busy year for Famous Dex as he continues to emerge as one of the hip-hop’s most electric and favorable rappers to date. The anticipated album Dexter Meets Dexter is soon to be released. Until then, Dexters most recent drop featuring A$AP Rocky gives us a glimpse of what’s t come of the Rich The Kid protege. An interview with Complex Music revealed that Famous Dex wasn’t feeling the instrumental initially, but A$AP Rocky’s vocals changed things around for him

He states, “I’m like, ‘I don’t like this song, I don’t want it.’ They played it again. Guess who is on there? A$AP Rocky. I freaked the fuck out. Oh hell nah. It sounded 10 times better and everything. It was a great, great look, and it’s a great, great record.”

Listen right here.


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