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Photographer and Visionary, Jamal Disrupts Norms Through Color

Photographer and Visionary, Jamal Disrupts Norms Through Color

written by Jané Greer August 7, 2017

When the moment presents its time, take a second to indulge in Jamal‘s photography. We become spectators simply infiltrating oneself into his world of film with subjects you may know and faces of mystery. It encompasses documentary photography, straight-up portraits, and hypnotizing fashion/editorial-centric works.

But amongst all its captivity, Jay’s influence to create derives off of candid happenings with friends and the motive to produce a story with each shot. There’s more to be said here far from the norm. Jay manages to unfold this twisted dichotomy of imagery and to look at his photographs again, even the ones you think you know well is to induce a fresh vision. Our conversation took us through his unapologetic outlook that compliments his work. With a diversified portfolio, the Brooklyn native radicalizes the art world with rap accents that tap into the youth’s current ambiance and colorful contracts that bend perspective.

When did you start taking photography seriously and why?

I started taking photography seriously in like 2015, but it was more so fun. Like hanging out with my friends and coming up with cool ideas, capturing them or even if it’s just a moment that I just felt I needed to catch. I made sure I caught it. But to answer why, I just always had this idea of wanting to change the way people looked at a picture, not focusing only on who’s in the picture or whats being worn but it as a whole from color, angle, feeling. All that matters to me and I just wanted to express that and have everyone see things how I see them.

How has Rap culture or the music scene in its entirety influenced your work?  

Surprisingly Rap culture doesn’t influence my work in a sense where I’m not like trying to go out of my way to find a musician to shoot. It’s more so like I listen to a lot of music to help push me in order for me to get to work like a lot of Sahbabii, Young Thug, Old Lil Wayne, Kid cudi, Chief Keef and my friend Smoking.Thoinks, besides that I listen to like American football , algernon cadwallader to get my mind right.

Is there a specific project or moment you felt yourself elevate as a photographer?

I don’t really think it was a specific moment or project, but life itself elevates me as a photographer. It allows me to get what’s in my head out in a visually pleasing way .

Are there any negative impacts that you see happening within the photography industry (in plain sight or behind the scenes) and how do push yourself against that statistic?

I don’t really like judging or focusing on negatives especially when it comes to someone else’s vision, but egos and lack of passion are something that can wear off on people’s work and persona which becomes less interesting to the audience. I stay humble by just keeping myself inspired with what I watch & listen to. I watch a lot of wrestling like I have the WWE app so I watch everything I enjoyed as a little kid & cartoons. Also, I really try to also push people that keep up with me to think for & be themselves even if it’s through my work or words .

Where do want to take your art and career next?

I just want to keep leveling up, Keep myself focused, make myself proud. But the motive is always to be the best.

And shoutouts to the whole BDG, Ray , Alex, Jordan, Andy, and Ed Boy. Thank y’all for pushing me to be the best I can be although I’m hard headed sometimes.
And to everyone, be you and be rare.

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