“I made that song around the time I was getting threatened to get kicked out of my house by my dad mostly cause he really wants me to go back to school but I was mostly scared, alone, stayed inside a lot and just went to work.”

Earlier this year, we released our Mellow Bars playlist that introduced our appreciation for artists like Ernest Rareberrg that’s treating rap with the utmost care. The track takes off with Ernest infusing soul into lyrics of self-doubt and exclusion from society. Producer, Matt Martians takes its sound to a futuristic and earthly position that then enables the Brooklyn native to rap with a raw honesty and idiosyncratic storytelling that can’t be fabricated.

“At first I thought the song was cool but I didn’t know how much people and would like it until a friend of mine played it for two strangers on the train on our way to the thrift store. They were saying so much good stuff about it and I was like ‘oh’ maybe everyone else would have that type of reaction”.

Rareberrg paints a vivid picture that has always been worth paying attention to. Listen to the full track below.