Wifiisfuneral has been pushing moves nonstop this year as he prepares for the August 1 release of his mixtape titled, Boy Who Cried Wolf. As anticipation for the project increases, Wifi gifted fans Friday evening with two new track releases via SoundCloud.

Even in the title alone, “Lil Jeff Hardy” makes accurate reference to the Florida rapper’s infamous front flip and rash crowd surfing. Chris Dinero took over production for both tracks, but “Lil Jeff Hardy” gives a higher glimpse into Wifi’s energetic moments in rap.

“JoeBuddenProbablyThinksICan’tRap”, on the other hand, shuts down any doubts or misconceptions when it comes to Wifi’s lyrical versatility.  Joe Budden has made comments in the past relating to Wififunerals credibility calling him an “unknown rapper”.  Just because Budden is sleep when it comes onto the prominent and legitimate newcomers in rap doesn’t mean you should sleep too!

Stream both tracks right here!

photo by @foodeatschris