Baltimore’s very own, Don Neil, dropped his latest single “I’m Weak” off his debut EP BREAK. “I’m Weak” draws in notions of resilience and desire; two core values found in throughout the project. The track’s title may deem otherwise at first glance, but Don did give us the run down on the significance of the Lewis Cullen production.

“I just wanted to create a sense of hope, because like my favorite artist Kid Cudi, I believe in having hope. Hope is what gets me through the day and I wanted to create a message to myself and others like me. “I’m Weak” is how I feel sometimes about myself but I wanted to submit to that hopeless feeling so I could be able to create a positive memo to myself and my life.”

Don Neil’s debut EP, BREAK, released on April 18th and is now available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.  Stay tuned for more on Don and listen to “I’m Weak” below.