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Chelsea Jackson : The Reigny Season

Chelsea Jackson : The Reigny Season

written by Jané Greer May 24, 2016

Houston native and our must-watch photographer right now, Chelsea Jackson has the ability to create art through the lens that keeps viewers is engaged. Her vibrant work is entirely worth all recognition. At 23 years old she has accomplished much but still has more to bring with abilities she is beginning to discover . The beauty of her photography is that it  simply emerges from the rest. When you see her art, you know it’s Chelsea at first glance. Being onset is a full experience and you can tell that there’s a story being told.

Speaking of stories, Jackson was able to tell hers right here with us. Learn a bit about our favorite photographer this month and visit her site for more images and contact info. You def need her on your next project.

What made you want to pursue this as a career and can you describe your first time shooting for a client?

I started shooting as a hobby, but then I realized I was actually good at it. I’ve always felt like I should do what I love to make a living, so that’s what inspired me to pursue photography as a career, though I’m actually thinking about giving up on that.

My first time shooting for a client was a bit anxious. I was excited about getting paid to shoot, haha, but I also didn’t want to do a bad job. I care a lot about how my subjects feel about my work.

What has been your favorite project(s) you’ve worked on thus far and why?

My favorite project thus far has been my Femme Fatale shoot because it was the first time I amazed myself with what I could do.

How do you differentiate yourself from other photographers today?

I just try to be myself and create work that embodies that as much as possible. I try to stay away from the status quo, or what all of the popular photographers are doing. I don’t believe in being shallow to gain exposure. I believe my work speaks for itself; I like to let my camera and my eye do the talking. I also view other photographers’ work and I compare it to mine. If it I think I could have done a better job than them, I feel good, but I also try to stay humble. It’s more fun for me to see someone’s work and feel like “wow, this is amazing! Could I have done that? Can I do that?” I love a challenge.

What are some goals you haven’t accomplished yet, but hope to accomplish soon?

Well, I’ve been seeking an opportunity to be able to actually make a living on just shooting, but like I said, I’m starting to give up on that. I have a lot of power, potential, and abundance, so I’m beginning to focus on using my other abilities to get what I want out of this world. Right now, I’m studying (with my own direction, and on my own time) to be a programmer.

What advice would you give to young female photographers like yourself or any creative striving to create a career out of something they love to do?

It’s going to be hard. In this day and age, it is becoming more and more easy to break out of the starving artist archetype, but it’s still gonna be hard, especially when you are a woman. People will definitely treat you different because you’re a female. Once, I was working as an “intern” for a crappy start-up magazine, and the guy in charge told me to show up to this event “dressed more like a girl”. I guess he wanted me to dress more feminine, like in a dress or a skirt. I thought maybe he’d asked everyone to step their attire up for the event, but when I got there and saw the male photographers dressed in their usual casual gear, I was pissed.

Tell us a little bit about what you’re looking forward to this Summer 16!

I’m looking forward to being able to shoot more live music shows around Texas, and hopefully in California, New York as well.

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