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Brianna Alysse

written by Jané Greer April 13, 2016

“My first shoot was actually of my friends on this road with nothing but dirt around. I honestly had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t know anything about the camera settings, but at the time, I thought the photos were the best photos ever ! If you see them now…they’re horrible.”

Brianna Alysee first came to us in this interview having a laugh over the first photoshoot she had ever produced. Ironically enough, the photos from her past have built the insanely talented artist we see today.

Brianna played with several locations moving around in California growing up. She was born in Indio, CA, but moved to Murrieta by the 2nd grade until finally finding, even more, stability in downtown Los Angeles when she was 19 . This is now where the 22-year-old has based her brand and business.

Alysse has captured impeccable moments in photography and videography; moments that you wish you could be there to see. But even though you may not have been present, she has done an incredible job in making her audience feel as if they were. There is life in each photo and emotion in each video she has created.
Moreover, no educational institution can really take credit for her growing talent and professionalism because this is an occupation she has built all on her own.

“It’s funny because after high school, I had gotten a job and a year later I got fired so I went to college for two weeks and dropped out”, she told CE. “College just wasn’t for me. I learned photography and videography on my own. I feel that’s the best way to learn anything.”

Brianna continued to express that she has always stayed faithful to photography for as long as she could remember.

“When I was like 13 my brother, Erik, would always have me take photos of him with my dad’s canon camera. I think that’s where it all began for me and it pretty much stuck with me. Taking photos is more than just a hobby for me ya know? It’s like my high. I love the feeling of taking pictures & finding the best photo. Especially editing the photos. I get so excited.” 

At this point in Brianna’s life and career, nothing can get in her way of her pursuing even her highest goals. You can tell through her art that she’s focused, striving, and absolutely  ready for whatever dope project comes her way this Summer 2016.

“One of my main goals is shooting a cover for a magazine. That’s my dream… Shooting for Complex or Vogue or anything big, but I promise in the future, you WILL see my work on them.”

Her advice to young female photographers and/or any person striving to create a career out of something they love was simply this:

Shoot everyday for the fun of it. Practice you’re editing and angles and lastly Don’t give up. You’re gonna have doubts, you’re gonna stress about it, but just believe that it will happen & the universe will bring it to you in time. Patience is everything.


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